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Welcome to the home page for the Nomad II Linux Driver. This driver supports the Creative Nomad II, IIc and II MG under Linux running USB for file transfers and other operations.

March 23 2002

The long awaited released of Nomad II Utils Version 0.8 has arrived!

Major changes over 0.7 include:

  • Rename of utility to nomadii
  • Availablility of RPM
  • Full support of the Nomad II, IIc and II MG with latest firmware
  • Autocorrection of bad data when getting files from the Nomad
  • Much improved error detection and reporting
  • Split of code into text front end and library
  • Better name handling and progress reporting
  • Updated support for nomadii-driver
  • Better USB device permission options
  • Added send/get methods
  • Added support for multiple send, get and delete
  • Hotplug documentation and scripts
  • Many major and minor bug fixes

March 24 2002

Tom Mander has released V0.1 of NVF Tools for converting the NVF files that the Nomad II creates in Voice Mode to and from standard formats including AIFF and WAV.

Also keep an eye out for early versions of Neil Hodge's graphical interface to the Nomad using the nomadII-utils library.

Written by Gabriel Gomiz <>
Maintained by Tom Mander <>
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